CORPORATE / Company Profile

Yolsu Engineering Services Limited company was established in July 2002 by Gökdal OKAY (M.Sc. in civil engineering). The main objective of our company is to utulize existing resources by means of producing the most suitable and efficient solutions for every circumstance, and in this regard, to provide engineering and consulting services for both national and international firms.

Our Company;

  • Is Dynamic and Young
Our employees are dynamic and young and they have good and orderly coordination skills in their core areas.
  • Has Strong Knowledge Background
Is composed of employees with high level of knowledge and experience in both theory and practice, follows technical developments and international literature regularly and has a competent archive in its field.
  • Is Creative
In accordance with the country conditions, it produces unique and optimum solutions for each project it deals with.
  • Is Reliable
Gives weight to ethical values; and as one of its main principles all of it fullfills its commitments.
  • Has an International Project Conception
Follows international developments in the field of project.Zoom in
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